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Center of Gravity
Posted by on 08 October 2012 03:19 PM

When flying an RC Helicopter, the center of gravity is an important key factor to keep in mind when you caliberate the helicopter. Center of gravity refers to the point on a given object where the mass of the object reach an equilibrium from all points. This means that at this point on a given object, it can be balanced without too much pull from one side or the other.

The center of gravity should be where the main mast is, or where the main rotor is. That should be where your center of gravity should be caliberated too. If you pick up your helicopter by the main mast, and it leans too far forward or too far back, that means the weight distribution is incorrect. Make sure that the weights are even both front and back. If there is too much weight on either one side, the helicopter will lean towards the area with more weight in flight.

So just remember: the more weight there is on one side of your helicopter, the more it will lean that way during flight. For a stable flight, evenly match both sides of your tail and front end of the helicopter. Having a balanced center of gravity will lead to a smoother flight.

If you want a more in depth look at Center of Gravity and how it relates to flight, check out this wiki article:

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