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Airplane CG
Posted by on 14 September 2012 04:56 PM

The follow is the list of CG for some of the planes that we carry. The CG provide is provided by the manufacturer and it is to be measured from the leading edge.

*CG may not be accurate from manufacturer.

02A-001 - Tech One Venus: 115-120mm

02A-002 - Tech One Extra 330: 90-100mm

02A-003 - Tech One SU31: 105-115mm

02A-004 - Tech One Swift: 120-130mm

02A-005 - Tech One Tempo: 90-105mm

02A-006 - Tech One Funfly: 65-70mm

02A-008 - Tech One Yak54 1100mm: 96-114mm

02A-012 - Tech One Apollo: 130mm

02A-013 - Tech One Mini Apollo: 65

02A-014 - Tech One Malibu II: 80mm

02A-016 - Tech One Yak 54 Depron: 75mm

02A-017 - Tech One P-51D: 45-53mm

02A-019 - Tech One Pop Wing: 200-212mm**

02A-020 - Tech One Mini Pop Wing: 135-142mm**

02A-101 - Tech One Neptune: 170-180mm**

02A-102 - Tech One Katana: 100-115mm

02A-103 - Tech One MXS: 58-65mm

02A-402 - Tech One Mercury Trainer: 50-65mm

02A-403 - Tech One SU29 - 65-75mm

02A-406 - Tech One Blue Fox: 65-75mm

02A-407 - Tech One P51 Mustang: 90-100mm

02A-Yak55 - Tech One Yak55 3D: 95-100mm

05A330 - AeroSky Extra 330 SC 55": 85mm

05A342 - AeroSky Sbach 342: 95mm

05A51 - AeroSky Midget Mustang 55": 85mm

05A71 - AeroSky Delta Jet 510mm: 42mm**

05A72 - AeroSky Cap Aerobatic 655mm: 50mm

05A76 - AeroSky DHC Trainer 1000mm: 33mm

05A78 - AeroSky B60 Duke 1600mm: 120mm

05A79 - AeroSky SkySurfer Glider 925mm: 60mm

07A002 - AeroSky Sky Trainer 185 1500mm: 73-83mm

20A06-PT-20 - Ryan PT-20: 90mm

36A02 - AirWing Red Baron: 34mm

36A03 - AirWing ASW28 Glider: 40mm

36A05 - AirWing Wing Surfer: 52±2mm

36A20 - AirWing Bobcat 1143mm: 685mm**

36A25 - AirWing B25 Bomber 63": 75±3mm

60A-D8943 - Dynam PBY Catalina: 60-65mm

60A-DY8925 - Dynam Hawk Sky: 58-62mm

60A-DY8926 - Dynam I Can Fly: 58-62mm

60A-DY8927 - Dynam Super Cub PA-18" 58-62mm

60A-DY8944 - Dynam Texan AT-6: 75-85mm

60A-DY8947 - Dynam Peaks 42": 85-90mm

60A-DY8948 - Dynam SU-26M 47": 85-90mm

60A-DY8949 - DynamFW-190 Focke-Wulf 1270mm - 70-75mm

60A-DY8950 - Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 70mm: 115-120mm

60A-DY8951 - Dynam Messerschmitt BF-107 1270mm: 65-70mm

60A-DY8952 - Dynam Waco 1270mm: 70-75mm

60A-DY8953 - Dynam F4U Corsair: 85-90mm

69A501 - Exceed MiniX 26": 50mm

69A703 - Exceed J-3 Piper Cub: 50mm

69A718 - Exceed F18 70mm: 75mm

69A918 - Exceed F-18 90mm: 105mm

69A986 - Exceed F-86 90mm: 180mm

90A78 - Extra 330 90: 127mm

90A120 - P-51D Mustang 60: 137mm

90A138 - Piper J-3 Cub 71": 70mm

90A149 - Voyager Long EZ: 152mm

90A204 - Ultimate Bi-Plane: 170mm

90A205 - Fokker DR-1 55": 58mm

93A182 - Airfield Sky Trainer 182: 60mm

90A270 - Super Senior: 3-7/8 inches

93A40 - Airfield P-40 1400mm: 85mm

93A47 - Airfield P-47 1400mm: 90-95mm

93A870 - Airfield Mitsubishi A6M Zero 800mm: 40mm

95A251 - Airfield F18 64mm: 615-630mm

95A302 - Airfield F4U Corsair 800mm: 55mm

95A303 - Airfield T28 Trojan 800mm: 70mm

95A355 - Airfield Tempest 800mm: 55-65mm

95A360 - Airfield Sky Raider 800mm: 55-62mm

95A501 - Airfield P51 Mustang 1100mm: 78mm

95A701 - Airfield P51 Mustang 1450mm: 100mm

95A703 - Airfield T25 Torjan 1450mm: 108mm

AT-21133 - Art-Tech Mini P-51: 10.5-11.5 inches

AT-21148 - Art-Tech F4U Corsair: 10.2-10.6 inches**

AT-21183 - Art-Tech F-18C: 22.59-23.22 inches

AT-21491 - Art-Tech PC-9: 46mm

AT-21507 - Art-Tech P38 800mm: 200±5mm**

AT-21621 - Art-Tech Fokker: 60-70mm***

AT-21682 - Art-Tech P38 Lightning 1200mm: 30%

AT-22137 - Art-Tech Devil - 30%

AT-Jet-21181- Art-Tech F-18: 573-589mm**

AT-Jet-21222 - Art-Tech MiG-15: 195mm**

CMP-042-Gas-ZeroFighter50 - CMP Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter 50: 95-105mm

CMP-080-EDF-T45-Kit - CMP T-45: 60-65mm**

CMP-084-NS50 - CMP NS-50: 75-85mm**

CMP-EP-Katana-SR - CMP Katana SR: 94-100mm**

CMP-Gas-Hellcat120 - CMP F-6F Hellcat: 120-135mm

CMP-Gas-ThunderBolt120 - CMP P-47 Thunderbolt 120: 120-130mm

CMP-Gas-Mustang50 - CMP P-51D Mustang 50: 85-90mm

Gas_90A153 - Skymaster 337 81": 120mm

Gas_B25_Army - B-25 Mitchell 71": 115mm

ProJet-003-RQ11 - RQ-11 Raven: 80-85mm

PROJET-DRONE - MQ-9 Reaper: 54-56mm

** CG is not calulated from leading edge.

*** Too be confirmed with factory.


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