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Transmitter - Channels
Posted by on 29 August 2012 12:49 PM

What are Channels

Channels are referred to the amount of actions a transmitter can send out to an RC Plane, Helicopter, or Car.

An RC vehicle usually has one or more control actions, such as throttle and steering. A 2-channel controller will have a channel for throttle and another for turning left and right. A 4-channel RC airplane controller will have controls for throttle, diving/climbing (elevator), turning left and right (rudder), and rolling left and right (aileron). The more channels your Transmitter has, the more controls you can program your transmitter to send out, and it doesn't necessarily have to be directional controls either. Channels can be programmed for other functions such as: lights, anchors, landing gears, cargo flaps, water guns, etc. There are transmitters with 6-Channels or more. It really depends on what functions you want from your RC Product, but just remember: The more channels you have, the more functions it can perform.

3 Channel vs 3.5 Channel (RC Helicopters)

There really is no big difference between a 3 Channel and a 3.5 Channel helicopter. Usually the ".5" refers to its ability to turn a light On/Off on the helicopter. It's a marketing term used by manufacturers to categorize Helicopters. 3 Channel Helicopters usually have channels for Throttle (Moving Up/Down), Pitch (Moving Forwards/Backwards), and Yaw (Turning Left/Right).

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