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Brushless vs Brushed Motors
Posted by on 23 August 2012 03:53 PM

When looking around for RC Motors, a term you will run often across is Brushless Motor and Brushed Motor. But what are they? What do they do? How are they different? How will it affect the performance? So, let's get down to business... to defeat... the puns! Hyah!

Brushed Motors

A Brushed Motor is a DC motor that has a rotating set of wound wire coils that act as a magnet. A rotary switch reverses the direction of the electric current twice every cycle to flow so that the poles of the electromagnet push and pull against the magnets on the outside of the motor, thus creating the torque for the motor.

Brushed motors are something like an on and off switch. You can't really control the power of the motor without an Brushed ESC.The ESC controls the voltage being sent through by sending voltages through ona dn off at quick intervals. So instead of giving it 100% power all the time, its giving it 100% power every ONCE in a while. This isn't noticeable to us, because this happens very quickly within milliseconds. 

Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors use a permanent external magnet rotor, three phases of driving coils, one or more magnetic sensor to sense the position of the rotor, and the associated drive electronics. The motor must determine the rotor are in order for it to begin the cycle correctly. This is a sub category in itself, Sensored Brushless Motors, and Sensorless Brushless Motors. 

Sensored motors have a small magnet on the back of the rotor that is detected by a small set of sensors spaced evenly around the shaft.

Sensorless motors use feedback in the non-energized winds to determine position.

Brushless motors, as the name implies, do not have contact brushes, because there are no brushes there is less friction and less heat. The less friction and heat there is, the longer the life of the motor there will be. Friction and heat combined will deteriorate the motor from wear and tear. Brushless motors can also handle a lot higher voltage than brushed motors. Meaning that it can give more power to the car, pushing it forward faster and reaching higher speeds than brushed motors can.

Also remember that with each motor, you will need to get an ESC to control each type. The Brushed ESC and Brushless ESC are made to control each motor, so please remember to get the right ESC or your motor will not run properly.

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