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LiPo Battery Balancing
Posted by on 21 August 2012 01:17 PM

Why is balancing LiPo Batteries important?

LiPo Battery packs sometimes come in series, meaning that there is more than one cell to the pack. Some battery packs will come in series of 2 or more, and this is where the issue of balancing comes into play. Balancing is required on any LiPo battery pack that has more than one cell, since LiPo battery chargers can't tell the power on different cells, and this might cause that one cell to be overcharged or undercharged. When you draw power from a pack that has more than one cell, the amount of power that you draw from the battery might be at different rates. Balancing ensures that each cell is within 0.01-0.03 volts per cell so over charging or discharging of one or more cells won’t ruin your battery pack, or become a safety issue from overcharging a cell.

How to Balance a LiPo Battery

Every multi-celled LiPo Battery will have a balance tap, or balance plug. This allows individual charging or discharging of each cell. Here is a picture of a balance tap/balance plug on our GensAce battery.

There are a few ways you can balance your battery packs:

  • LiPo Batteries can be balanced while charging the pack through the balance plug with a balancing charger. This method uses the charger to individually charge each cell and ensure the voltages are the same in each cell as they charge.
  • LiPo Batteries can be balanced with a stand alone balancer. A stand alone balancer will monitor the voltage of each cell in the pack and apply a small load to discharge the cell that has a higher voltage.
  • LiPo Batteries can be balanced with a computerized charger with a built-in balance circuitry.

Most LiPo Battery chargers now come with a balancer built-in. This allows for faster and safer recharge rates for the LiPo battery.

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