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How to Charge LiPo Batteries
Posted by on 10 August 2012 02:05 PM

LiPo Batteries need to be charged with a LiPo battery charger. Using anything else to charge the battery other than a LiPo battery specific charger will damage the battery and potentially cause it to catch fire. Even when using a LiPo battery specific charger, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while charging.

Maximum Charge Voltage and Current

When using a LiPo specific charger, you need to know how many cells you have in your battery. This information can be found on any LiPo battery, and is shown as (S). For example:

A LiPo battery with the rating of 7.4V/25C/2S1P has 2 cells (2S). When choosing the voltage at which the battery is to be charged, remember to choose 2S or 7.4V, if a higher voltage is accidentally selected on the charger, the battery pack will be damaged, and has a high chance of catching fire. Please be aware of your battery settings before charging. Most computerized LiPo chargers will warn you if you select the wrong cell count. 

Proper Charge Current

When choosing the proper current rate, or amps rating, be sure to read the LiPo Battery capacity. This is usually indicated by mAh, or milliamps per hour. To choose the correct current or amp rate that you should be charging at, take a look at your mAh and convert to amps.

The Charging Formula: mah/1000 x C rating=Amps selected to Charge (We recommend charging at 1-3C (Capicity). but Gens Ace can go up to 5C, which is not recommended)

For example:

A battery of 2500mAh should be charged at a rate of 2.5A or 2500mA (2500/1000*1C=2.5A). If you charge your battery at a higher C rate, there are chances that it will harm the battery, and as always, if the battery is harmed, or damaged, there is a high chance of it catching fire.


While charging the battery make sure to put the battery in a lipo charging bag, just in case of a fire. Lipo charging bags are made to contain rapid fires, not extinguish them.

Safety First! Always watch your battery as it charges. Do not leave it unattended. 

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